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Daniel Duban (Chairman of the civic association)
Address: Andreja Kubinu 21, 917 00 Trnava, Slovakia
E-mail: daniel@duban.sk (Slovak, English, German language)
Phone: +421 905 930 923 (Slovak language)

Monika Babicová (Secretary of the civic association)
Address: Gen. Goliána 32, 917 02 Trnava, Slovakia
E-mail: mbabicov@gmail.com (Slovak, Czech, Russian, German, English language)
Phone: +421 904 171 648 (Slovak, Czech, Russian, German, English language)

Studio DISK Trnava, Slovakia
R. Dilong Street

Kopánka Theatre Ensemble (DISK) began its activities in November 1955 at Kopánka in Trnava by staging classical plays by Slovak and world playwriters (1955–1986). The founder of the ensemble and the first director was Egídius Norulák.

A fundamental transformation in the ensemble occurred in 1986, when a new artistic manager and director, Blaho Uhlár (graduate of directing studies the Academy of Performing Arts), joined the ensemble. DISK started an author's theatre and became one of the pioneers of a new direction in the Slovak theatre, "polythematic decomposition". In this period (1987–1993), the ensemble was extremely successful. The ensemble became a regular participant in the highest national parades.

In the years 1993–2005, the DISK theatre ensemble cooperated with the experienced director Dušan Vicen. The ensemble continued with its style of creation and followed up on previous successes.

In 2006, director Blaho Uhlár returned to the ensemble. Together, they started to build DISK Trnava Theatre Studio in the Culture House at Kopánka in Trnava, which they opened in July 2007 and began to play there regularly for the public. DISK, in cooperation with B. Uhlár, followed up on the successes from the previous period and created a whole series of productions that have an excellent response from the audience and the professional public.

Several generations of actors have been part of the ensemble, currently the ensemble has 13 actors. DISK Trnava won the Creative Act of the Year award 4 times at the Scenic Harvest Festival in Martin.

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  • TIC (City Tower), Trojičné square 1, 917 01 Trnava
    Phone: +421 (0) 33 323 64 40
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